Technology and Writing with Mrs. Pendley
Lesson Plans for March 9- March 13

Monday, March 9
Readworks - 3 reading passages

Tuesday, March 10
Library Day

Wednesday, March 11
ACAP practice
Finish reading part 2 of Between Shades of Gray

Thursday, March 12
ACAP practice
Review questions for part 2

Friday, March 13
ACAP practice
Part 2 quiz

Lesson Plans for February 24 - February 28

Monday, February 24
Edmentum Math (15 minutes)
read chapters 36 and 37

Tuesday, February, 25
Library Day

Wednesday, February 26
Edmentum Reading (15 minutes)
ACAP skills
read chapters 38 and 39

Thursday, February 27
Edmentum Math (15 minutes)
ACAP skills
read chapters 40 and 41
HAT DAY $1.00

Friday, February 28
Edmentum Reading (15 minutes)
ACAP skills
questions for chapters 36-41

Monday, October 14
Library Day/Maker-Space

Tuesday, October 15
*Readworks - "A Good Night"/questions
*Introduce Google Slides Project - students will research the famous person they choose and write down important facts about that person.

Wednesday, October 16
*Readworks - Passage/questions
*Go over rubric and discuss slides 1-6 in detail about the famous person that they choose.

Thursday, October 17
*Readworks - passage/questions
*Continue working on slides 1-6

Friday, October 18
​*Readworks - passage/questions
*Finish slides 1-6

Wednesday, October 9
*Readworks Bellringer - Google Classroom
*Digital Citizenship Video

Thursday, October 10
*Readworks Bellringer - Google Classroom
*Digital Citizenship Google Slides Webquest - Google Classroom

Friday, October 11
*Readworks Bellringer - Google Classroom
*Digital Citizenship Google Slide Webquest continued

Monday, September 16
*finish google slide-show on vacation destination
*use Nearpod to practice typing A to Z, J to N, and J to M

Tuesday, September 17
*Library Day/Maker-Space

Wednesday, September 18
*Virtual Day

Thursday, September 19
*present vacation destination slide-show

Friday, September 20
*Use Nearpod to practice right hand bottom row, left hand home and bottom row, both hands home and bottom words

Monday, August 26
Ergonomics Powerpoint/Review
Typing Pretest
*Test Friday

Tuesday, August 27
Typing Test Review for Friday
Practice "home row" typing

Wednesday, August 28
Typing Test Review for Friday
Practice "home row" typing

Thursday, August 29
Typing Test Review for Friday
Nearpod lessons 1-5/home row

Friday, August 30​
Typing Test
Nearpod lessons 6-10/home row

Monday, August 19
Identify the keys on the keyboard that correlate with the correct finger.  
Students will color code a keyboard and finger placement.

Tuesday, August 20
*Maker-Space with Mrs. Freeman

Wednesday, August 21
Learn the importance of Ergonomics (posture) while typing.
Power point/Notes

Thursday, August, 22
Learn more about the importance of Ergonomics by completing a web quest in google classroom.

Friday, August 23
Students will see how much they know about typing skills by taking a keyboarding pre-test