Technology and Writing with Mrs. Pendley
Monday, August 26
Ergonomics Powerpoint/Review
Typing Pretest
*Test Friday

Tuesday, August 27
Typing Test Review for Friday
Practice "home row" typing

Wednesday, August 28
Typing Test Review for Friday
Practice "home row" typing

Thursday, August 29
Typing Test Review for Friday
Nearpod lessons 1-5/home row

Friday, August 30​
Typing Test
Nearpod lessons 6-10/home row

Monday, August 19
Identify the keys on the keyboard that correlate with the correct finger.  
Students will color code a keyboard and finger placement.

Tuesday, August 20
*Maker-Space with Mrs. Freeman

Wednesday, August 21
Learn the importance of Ergonomics (posture) while typing.
Power point/Notes

Thursday, August, 22
Learn more about the importance of Ergonomics by completing a web quest in google classroom.

Friday, August 23
Students will see how much they know about typing skills by taking a keyboarding pre-test