Mrs. Burks
Week 18 DGP Sentence: the new girl in our class plays tennis and basketball for the panthers
Standards Covered
:  RL.7.1; RL. 7.2; RL.7.3; RL.7.4; RL.7.6; RL.7.10; W.7.2; W.7.9; SL.7.1

Weekly Agenda:

Monday, January 21
1) Daily Grammar Practice(Parts of Speech)

Tuesday, January 22
1) Daily Grammar Practice (Subject/Verb)
2) Scantron Testing (Reading)

Wednesday, January 23
1) Daily Grammar Practice (Clause/Phrases)
2) Point of View

Thursday, January 24
1) Daily Grammar Practice (Punctuation/Capitalization)
2) Point of View

Friday, January 25
1) Daily Grammar Practice (Diagramming)
2) Point of View

Weekly Vocabulary (Word Parts)

Prefix Suffix
a, ab, abs- away, off, not able- able to be, suitable, for being, causing
a- on al, ial- related to, characterized by
ante- before, in front of ed- already happened
de- reduce, remove, down en- made of, to make
dis- away, apart, negative ence- being or having the quality of something
ex- remove from, out er- more than
im- into er, or- someone who
in- into est- the most
over- too much, above ful- full of 
pre- before or first fy-to make

en-into hood-condition or state of
en, il, im- into ian- from, belonging to, or like
in, il, im, ir- not ible- able to be, suitable for being, causing
inter-between tion, ition- act of, state of, result of
mis-wrongly ation, ion- 
non-not ic- having the nature of
pro-before, in front of ied- already happened
re-back or again ies- plural; more than one
sub-under ing- action or process
super-above, over, beyond ish- somehwhat like or having the qualities of
ism- an action or result; state or quality; belief