Warrior Makerspace
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The Warrior Makerspace is an area designed to encourage innovation and creativity in students. It is a place where students can be challenged through engaging opportunities. They are allowed to create and solve problems, while realizing that failure is part of the learning process. We currently have several stations, including: 3D pen, R2D2 and Ozobot Coding, Duct Tape Crafts, Paper Crafts, Animation Studio, Makey Makey, Bristlebots, and Legos. We will continue to build this program to include a variety of stations to incorporate interests of students.

For more information on Makerspaces, please visit http://www.makerspaceforeducation.com/makerspace.html.

Makerspace Weekly Schedule


1st Period  2nd Period   3rd Period 4th Period  5th Period  6th Period  7th Period 
    M. Guthrie/Hall    Oldacre    
 Tuesday     Harper    White    
 Wednesday     A. Guthrie/Privett  Privett/Hall  Privett    
 Thursday     Ballew  Posey    Burks  Posey
 Friday     Pendley    Oldacre    Ferguson