About Our School

Located in rural Cullman County, West Point Middle School was established in 1997 as a consolidated school with a separate administration. In 1999, under the supervision of the Cullman County Commission on Education, a new middle school campus was constructed. The middle school population currently consists of about 400 students, 26.5 teacher units (with some staff shared by other local county schools), a school secretary, a bookkeeper, a school counselor, and a school nurse.

Mission Statement
West Point Middle School strives to provide an opportunity for students to reach their maximum potential physically, emotionally, socially, and academically. We believe that learning is a shared and cooperative endeavor involving the student, the staff, the family, and the community. We are committed to developing confident, self-motivated, productive individuals by fostering a caring, nurturing, yet challenging environment during this transitional period of development. Our objective is to develop positive attitudes and establish lifetime goals, in a safe and caring learning community, so that each student can become a productive member of society.

Vision Statement
West Point Middle School embraces a positive school climate as a culture. This culture fosters successful, lifelong learning experiences in an environment that encourages respect, patience, self-discipline, tolerance, and a grateful appreciation for learning. West Point is a caring community where all students are encouraged to live by the virtues so that they bring out the best in themselves and others.

West Point Middle School is a strong institution because of community support and an excellent faculty and staff. The continuity of ideas and actions make West Point Middle School a strong educational tradition because of shared beliefs about a quality program which connects the schools’ mission, vision, and beliefs.
1. Students’ learning is the chief priority of the school.
2. Students’ learning is enhanced by diversity.
3. Students are unique and learn in different ways.
4. Students need to be actively taught skills of character development daily.
5. Students learn best in a safe and respectful environment
6. Students learn best when they are actively involved in acquiring knowledge.
7. Students benefit from high standards and challenging work.
8. Students, teachers, administrators and parents have a shared responsibility
in the educational advancement of students at West Point Middle School.